Dean High

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Dean high, Is a young producer by the age of 22 from Deventer (nl) He grew up in musical and artistic family, His father is an artist and he used to play bass whit Arthur Connely (r.i.p). Growing up in this environment of soul, it was a natural step for him to start playing the piano at the young age of 6. A few years later he hooked up with a few of the most talented producers from the Netherlands, Louis and jay Bordeaux, De JavaanseJongens(jj) There instantly was a musical connection, and they have been making music ever since... Dean High makes music with passion, without any boundaries. He doesn't stick to one genre because in his point of few, music is an expression of pure emotions so he lets his mind state decide what he makes. Dean get's his biggest inspiration by the peoples in his surroundings, the ones he loves and keeps close to the heart he also believes that everyone is in charge of his own galaxy so everyone can achieve whatever they put they’re hart into. Our life is too short, to waste it on hate so do whatever makes you feel good!!!! His music can be described as electronic soul, hip hop, experimental or maybe even dance....but let's just call it the LOVESPACE